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Business in Dubai

We setup your company in Downtown. Special offer. In our package, all in one — you get the opportunity to work on Mainland, and all Freezones in Dubai. The package also includes an Emirates ID for 2 founders. Plus an international bank account for the company and two personal debit banks cards of the Arab Bank for 5 years

We register only innovative companies

Choice of activity
Submission of documents
Getting an Emirates ID
Bank account and card
New international passport
Equity participation in a ready-made business
Office, Marketing and Employees

Additional services

Marketing in Dubai
Finding and hiring employees
Finding and renting an office
Property in Dubai
Accounting service

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Support for your Business in the UAE

With BIZNO.AE, you can feel more secure starting your business in Dubai. You will get creative and practical ideas for opening and growing a business in Dubai. You will increase your presence and profit with our qualified help.

We offer 50% participation in a ready-made Business in Dubai

With an investment of only $100,000 — you get a full return on investment in 1 year and then 50% of the profit forever
Ready License and Business
$ 100,000 investment
International Bank Account
Emirates ID
50% from profit
Ability to do everything remotely

Making the Emirates an additional Airfield for your Business

Bank Account

Our company guarantees the receipt of a personal Debit Card for all our clients in the Arab Bank

Setup Company

Registration of companies in Dubai helps to maintain complete anonymity of your business

50% from Investment

На данный момент у нас есть возможность предложить вам, три Бизнес направления: Консалтинг, Маркетинг и Недвижимость

Second Citizenship and Passport

Second citizenship is relevant due to the constantly changing political and economic climate in the world

Emirates ID

Obtaining an Emirates ID entitles you to a bank account, insurance, the minimum cost of mobile communications and much more

International Debit Card

Personal, debit, international card, will allow you to accept and pay for any services and goods around the world

International Bank Account

At the moment, the Bank requires careful consideration of the application. And we need to prepare and complete a few items to make sure that you are all set before contacting the Bank.

The situation is getting more complicated every day, but in any case, our company guarantees the receipt of a personal Debit Card for all our clients.

We only offer 1 single package

The uniqueness of our package and service lies in the fact that we register a company in the center of Dubai, namely DownTown. You get two licenses in one: Mainland + Freezone. Two Emirates IDs and 2 bank accounts in the UAE. Complete Privacy. Optimization of all business processes in the UAE.

100% Return on Investment

When entering the equity participation of a ready-made business. You will have access to the Online Banking client. And you will be able to control and see all the income and expenses of the Bank.